Creative Femme Ecofutures

Waters Run Deep is a group exhibition at San Francisco State University presented from August 10 through September 7, 2024.

The art direction compliments the overall themes: water, ecofeminism, ecofuturism, life and death, grief and healing rituals, and the grace and movement of dance. Tonally, the collateral reflects the video, performance, and still artwork on display: it is cinematic, otherworldly, powerfully feminine, magical realist, and emotionally poignant.

Curator’s Statement
Sixty percent of the human body is made up of water and seventy one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Water, in every shape and form, is a building block for life on Earth and its importance has been recognized by many, both in the physical by sustaining life, but also in the spiritual. Water is critical in many religious and spiritual practices around the world. This manifests as deities dedicated to bodies of water and rain, cleansing rituals, and the recognition of the integral connection of water and life.

The artists included in Waters Run Deep explore their own personal, cultural, and metaphysical connections to water. Featuring: Maëlis Bekkouche, Alexis C. Garcia, Lindsay Gauthier with Fog Beast, Tiare Ribeaux, Ana Paula Teixeira, Jessica Tully. Guest curated by Rogelio Cruz (San Francisco State University, B.A. 2024).
Roles: Art Direction, Photography & Design
Client: San Francisco State University Fine Arts Galley