The Tobacco Atlas

This highly researched compendium, published by the American Cancer Society, brings to light the complex effects Tobacco consumption has on the public and the environment, and serves as a call to action. A modern editorial style makes the complex data accessible and understandable for public policy makers and laypeople alike. Over 100 pages of maps, information graphics, and essays shed light on the most current harms and solutions.

Companion website by Atlantic Media.
Agency: Language Dept.
Role: Art director, designer, data editor.
Creative directors: Tanya Quick, Jenn Cash, Language Dept.
Additional design & data editing: Lizania Cruz, Angela Choi. Production: Johnny Hsu. 

Honors: Included in the 2017 exhibition and book “Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?”, by pioneering UK publishing house GraphicDesign&, and shared through several other media channels including Creative Review and Grafik.