Designing a zine for waterpeople

Seawitches, a zine for waterpeople, is a bi-annual print publication and platform for community building. Founded by surfer Margaret Seelie in 2015, the project exists to tell stories inspired by water.

As a community-based platform, each issue takes on the life of its contributors. I used the typeface Temeraire for narrative personal stories and Temeraire Italienne for display headlines throughout the zine. Additional copy is set in Maison Neue, Maison Neue Mono, and Recoleta. Designer Savannah Rusher created the custom Wetsuit Guide title treatment and illustrations.

I drew the Seawitches logo by hand; it references California surf culture, vintage paperback sci-fi and mystery novels, and psychedelia.

Reflecting the DIY spirit of the zine the covers are hand-dyed with botanical inks: the blue is indigo and the yellow is fennel and oxalis flowers.

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Printed and bound by Colorprint in Burlingame, CA.
Covers letterpress printed at Open Windows Cooperative in San Franicsco, CA
Cover art by Cristine Blanco.