Visualizing paradise for the holidays at Airbnb

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Landing Page
The goal of this campaign for Airbnb Germany/UK was to create a guide for guests to get excited about planning a magical holiday.

The color palette and visuals were designed to bring forth a tone that is happy, warm, inspired and magical. 

Components of the campaign—designed in-house at Airbnb—include paid and organic social media, email, landing pages, and merchandising pages in the app and on the web.

I designed and did final production and release of all of the components and helped to oversee illustration and animation, working closely with art directors and writers to form a cohesive system.

Senior Art Director / Designer: Myray Reames
Illustration Art Director: Naomi Benson
Designer: Leah Koransky
Copywriter: Daniel Paredes
Creative Director: Naz Arandi
Illustrator: Benjamin Fluow