The American Cancer Society's 2014/2015 Cancer Atlas is a 136-page book comprised of nearly 100 insets and 44 choropleth-coded maps illustrating global data. The visual voice was inspired by academic quarterly publications; sophisticated but digestible, with a color palette inspired by tissue and cell photography. Circles are used as a consistent throughline, to represent the cellular and global levels that cancer strikes. (via Language Dept.) Companion interactive site by Atlantic Media.

Role: Design, Mapping, Data Visualization
Creative Direction, Design, Mapping and Data Visualization: Jenn Cash, Tanya Quick, Lizania Cruz
Junior Designer: Angela Choi
Production: Johnny Hsu
How do you convey the feeling of a place before it is even built? That's the task of this guidebook for a new 120,000sf office space in the heart of Manhattan; it's accomplished through the invention of a strong visual and verbal language that speaks to the way we work now. The book becomes the tangible representation of new possibilities for a growing business.

My roles in the project include art direction, layout design, map-making, copywriting and production.

Awarded the 2014 Gold Davey Award for print collateral.

Client: The Durst Organization
Creative Director: Tanya Quick, Principal, Language Dept.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved finding my way using maps. Maybe it was my Dad's National Geographic collection, or maybe it was just a love of exploration that started when I was little. Either way, my interest in place-making and wayfinding continues today. Here are a few spreads from selected web and print projects, all created at Language Dept. While I've primarily used tools like IndieMapper, GoogleMaps, and Illustrator and Photoshop, I'm interested in new technologies and exploring new ways of looking at the world (and at ideas) interactively.
Outlier Post is a color/VFX/DI studio that works with film directors including Steven Soderbergh, Michel Gondry and Todd Haynes; musicians The Dirty Projectors; and indie directors and corporate clients like Nike, Sony, and Google.

The cut-paper mark speaks to the hands-on creative approach that the company takes and sets them apart from mainstream competitors like Technicolor. The color palette comes from the neutral grey room in which the films are reviewed for color adjustments.

To celebrate shoemaker Cole Haan’s 85th birthday, the “Born in 1928” campaign featured four icons born in the same year: author and poet Maya Angelou, Apollo 11 astronaut Capt. Jim Lovell, acclaimed photographer Elliott Erwitt, and China Machado, the first non-Caucasian model to appear in an American fashion magazine and muse to the photographer Richard Avedon.

I designed and helped oversee production for the print advertising campaign which included magazine ads, wild postings, bus shelters, direct mail, store windows and signage. I also created digital and tablet versions of the ads.

Creative Directors: Ben Hughes, Andy Grey
Copywriter: Ben Hughes
Design Director: Elyse Siegal
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Print Production: Andrew Enright
Fotovolida, from the Greek meaning "fireworks" or "flash of light," is the photography of a Fulbright award-winning photographer specializing in New York City weddings with a
modern reportage point-of-view.